Sunday, 21 June 2015


Just a little pleasure for the eyes: outfits coordinating well with their respective backgrounds.

Blanc: H&M pinstriped shirt, COS white t-shirt, Topman denim cut-offs, Pharrell Williams x Adidas 'Stan Smith' sneakers

Noir: H&M fedora, Topman grey floral insert t-shirt, Monki bag, Charles & Keith sandals

Images all done by Imran using iPhone 6

Sunday, 31 May 2015

Your Signature Style

After twenty years of dressing up and getting attached to the whole theory of fashion (which definitely was coupled with a little fashion faux pas and mishaps), I often find myself revolving around the same question which consistently and inevitably leaving me perplex for the longest possible time in history ever: What is my signature style?

I grew up loving fashion, admiring models that were two heads taller than me (then, but they're still one head taller than me now) strutting elegantly down the runways to fashion designers intricately fabricating pieces also known as couture. I loved high street brands (even till now) and I would always make sure that I sufficiently economized (a nicer phrase for save up and starve) in order to purchase that particular 'It' garment. I was always full of energy and passion, following every single trend to actually stay 'fashionable'. In retrospect, when the ombré trend was popularized resulting in ubiquitous various multi-colored hairstyles, I got mine too: in a gradual gradient from white to lime green suit.

Then I discovered the Man Repeller. I was baffled and intrigued by her sense of cool style and demeanour. I started to emulate her by accomplishing and actually mastering print blocking and multiple arm accessories also known as arm parties.

Even till this point, the Man Repeller herself (and her team) still inspires me. Definitely, I have expanded with a few other inspirational figures with strong personal style I look up to: Caroline de Maigret, Jenna Lyons and Inès de la Fressange. Getting tips from my style personages are still inevitable, but I stopped emulating them. I guessed I (finally) found something I'm comfortable in. Stripes, shirts, blazers, navies, khakis, cigarette jeans and subtle, but strong arm accoutrements are what I feel would resemble best as my 'personal style'. I see myself repeating them for a couple of months, maybe years. Since change is an apparent constant, when I'm forty (or perhaps thirty) my style may be different.

As I look back to reminisce such moments, I couldn't help but wonder how I managed to outlive through the several moments of being in other people's shoes. I won't deny that I actually did enjoy it; it took me a few instances (frankly, it was years instead) to realize how I am actually beginning to embark on a journey titled personal style instead of travelling in other's footsteps. Through emulating others, I would believe it was a process of identifying oneself (it actually shaped me to who I truly am in terms of style) that would eventually result in satisfactory conclusions.

Despite actually discovering my style, I was pondering over this surmise: Is personal style an intuition, that you will somehow subconsciously know it when the right time is right? Or is it something that is inherent, that like sexuality, you need to explore the various choices before settling down for what you truly believe in? I actually stand for both speculations. We somehow just need to grab our bags and embark on a backpacking trip, and we will simply just know it when we finally arrive at our heart's desired destination.

So for now, I feel most at ease when I'm pulling up those denim cigarette jeans and loosely tucking in a navy oversized shirt. What about you?

Zara navy shirt, Uniqlo cigarette jeans, Adidas 'Stan Smith' sneakers

Images all done by Imran

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Sunday, 17 May 2015

Reinstating the Canadian Tux

We touched on the topic about suits being so awesome and flawless and blah blah blah and how to actually reiterate them if you happen to you know, want to wear the same suit over again without being criticized for being impoverished or lack of wardrobe choices, because the truth is that we are neither. We are just in deep infatuation with that particular suit of ours (for my case, the Ines x Uniqlo navy linen blend suit is my current favourite and I would wear them 64312085 times).

Now I remember reviving this space by kicking it off with a post about the Canadian Tux with three (omg???!?!?!?!?!?! lol) different approaches, and having all three of the outfits challenged with a matchy game. When it comes to the idea of a suit, or a tux, we all generally relate it to a co-ordination two piece set. Is it possible to cease that matchy game without having to compromise on the idea of a 'tux'? The answer to that is 'duh', just swap the jacket/shirt or the pants out with different denim hue.

Any two denims of a different hue could do right? I took the liberty of picking up a denim shirt and then closing my eyes to pick up this pair of jeans (if you didn't like what you picked, you can always repeat) and then perching a leather jacket over my shoulder because the weather is simply too hot for me to put my hands into the sleeves, but never too humid for me to try to re-approximate this look. That is why I went with sandals, though sliders would be more apt in photocopying that look.

Well, if you're still into the traditional Canadian Tuxedo, it's alright. But if change is at its apparent constant, there is no harm into opening up to new suggestions and options right?

Former: Topshop leather jacket, Uniqlo denim shirt, Zara cigarette jeans, Charles and Keith sandals

Images all done by Imran 

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Sunday, 10 May 2015

Reiteration of Your Lazy Outfit

How do you look lazy without being repetitive?

I usually find myself entrapped in an abyss that revolves around wearing a white t-shirt loosely tucked into a pair of lowly hung denim shorts - coupled with a belt on occasional 'less lazier' days - and appropriate footwear. I don't see myself alternating my t-shirt and denim shorts out anytime soon, because those are, dare I say it, the most apt clothing that resembles sloth. Maybe I could substitute the white t-shirt for a black cotton piece (which I coincidentally misplaced it), or on more dedicated days, a navy blue v-neck.

But you know, having to reiterate your lazy outfit countlessly and relentlessly wouldn't do much justice to the wearer per se. You'll simply end up as the person coined for 'gross' or 'smelly' because you're immediately assumed to be wearing the same thing you wore the previous day, and two days before (though you may be in possession of 24572352 white t-shirts and 964372 similar denim shorts).

So I was just walking past a recycling joint and I got an epiphany inspired by the 3 'R's. Here's what I thought of:

- Remove the denim shorts and change into its brother (or sister), also known as the jeans. Layer a shirt over yourself.

- Repeat outfit with different shirts, inner t-shirts and jeans. Make sure they are of different colours from the day before lest you want to be known as Oscar the Grouch.

- Reuse this idea until you find motivation to stop being lazy.

Look at all my above pictures, need me to elaborate?

And yes I was lazy on all the days (though it's two but you get the drill). You caught me there.

Exhibit one: Zara tartan shirt aka known as the table-cloth shirt, COS white t-shirt, Zara jeans, Nike Air Force 1 sneakers and 3.1 Phillip Lim 'Ryder' satchel

Exhibit two: Zara denim shirt, Zara breton striped t-shirt which can't be seen here and could be mistaken as the previous COS piece, H&M jeans, Superga red sneakers

Images all done by Imran using iPhone 6