Sunday, 17 May 2015

Reinstating the Canadian Tux

We touched on the topic about suits being so awesome and flawless and blah blah blah and how to actually reiterate them if you happen to you know, want to wear the same suit over again without being criticized for being impoverished or lack of wardrobe choices, because the truth is that we are neither. We are just in deep infatuation with that particular suit of ours (for my case, the Ines x Uniqlo navy linen blend suit is my current favourite and I would wear them 64312085 times).

Now I remember reviving this space by kicking it off with a post about the Canadian Tux with three (omg???!?!?!?!?!?! lol) different approaches, and having all three of the outfits challenged with a matchy game. When it comes to the idea of a suit, or a tux, we all generally relate it to a co-ordination two piece set. Is it possible to cease that matchy game without having to compromise on the idea of a 'tux'? The answer to that is 'duh', just swap the jacket/shirt or the pants out with different denim hue.

Any two denims of a different hue could do right? I took the liberty of picking up a denim shirt and then closing my eyes to pick up this pair of jeans (if you didn't like what you picked, you can always repeat) and then perching a leather jacket over my shoulder because the weather is simply too hot for me to put my hands into the sleeves, but never too humid for me to try to re-approximate this look. That is why I went with sandals, though sliders would be more apt in photocopying that look.

Well, if you're still into the traditional Canadian Tuxedo, it's alright. But if change is at its apparent constant, there is no harm into opening up to new suggestions and options right?

Former: Topshop leather jacket, Uniqlo denim shirt, Zara cigarette jeans, Charles and Keith sandals

Images all done by Imran 

Sunday, 10 May 2015

Reiteration of Your Lazy Outfit

How do you look lazy without being repetitive?

I usually find myself entrapped in an abyss that revolves around wearing a white t-shirt loosely tucked into a pair of lowly hung denim shorts - coupled with a belt on occasional 'less lazier' days - and appropriate footwear. I don't see myself alternating my t-shirt and denim shorts out anytime soon, because those are, dare I say it, the most apt clothing that resembles sloth. Maybe I could substitute the white t-shirt for a black cotton piece (which I coincidentally misplaced it), or on more dedicated days, a navy blue v-neck.

But you know, having to reiterate your lazy outfit countlessly and relentlessly wouldn't do much justice to the wearer per se. You'll simply end up as the person coined for 'gross' or 'smelly' because you're immediately assumed to be wearing the same thing you wore the previous day, and two days before (though you may be in possession of 24572352 white t-shirts and 964372 similar denim shorts).

So I was just walking past a recycling joint and I got an epiphany inspired by the 3 'R's. Here's what I thought of:

- Remove the denim shorts and change into its brother (or sister), also known as the jeans. Layer a shirt over yourself.

- Repeat outfit with different shirts, inner t-shirts and jeans. Make sure they are of different colours from the day before lest you want to be known as Oscar the Grouch.

- Reuse this idea until you find motivation to stop being lazy.

Look at all my above pictures, need me to elaborate?

And yes I was lazy on all the days (though it's two but you get the drill). You caught me there.

Exhibit one: Zara tartan shirt aka known as the table-cloth shirt, COS white t-shirt, Zara jeans, Nike Air Force 1 sneakers and 3.1 Phillip Lim 'Ryder' satchel

Exhibit two: Zara denim shirt, Zara breton striped t-shirt which can't be seen here and could be mistaken as the previous COS piece, H&M jeans, Superga red sneakers

Images all done by Imran using iPhone 6

Tuesday, 28 April 2015

How to Wear the Same S*it Over Again (Suit, in Case You're Wondering)

Have you ever wondered how you could go and carry on with your life by repeating the same outfit (for greater emphasis, twice in a week) without EVER being criticized (or both criticized and judged per se) by your fellow peers? If your answer is 'I don't give a damn', you are either not part of the whole fashion cult or you just really don't give two s*it about what you wear or how you look.

If your answer is 'Hell yeah! Please enlighten me with your evangelism!', then let me give you some tips.

1) Get a better creativity brain. Lol jk, go get inspirations from some of your favourite fashion mentors.

2) Stay at home for about a month and then you may reappear in the same outfit.

3) I'm bad at advises.

Just kidding.

I actually find this 'concept' exceptionally tricky when it comes to suits. The only palpable way is to wear the blazer and pants separately. But what if you want to still be in the same two-piece (sometimes three) suit? Is it possible? Or are our suits - once worn - deemed a path of no re-wear that cannot be evaded?

I previously wore this suit from Ines de la Fressenge collaboration with Uniqlo to an event with my favourite tank top (which has an apparent hole at the back of it for I have no idea what reason, perhaps I was drunk and tore it). I decided to wear it out again because it is a great suit and I do not want to leave it collecting dust in my closet. So here's what I came up with.

And this time round I'm not kidding.

1) Put on the same suit, obviously.

2) Wear a fresh new t-shirt (or shirt if you wouldn't mind dying in the current heatwave) underneath instead of the favourite tank top you accidentally tore.

3) Remove those patent classy shoes. Put on some sneakers.

4) Change out all the accessories you've previously worn. I removed (reluctantly though) my watch and arm scarf and change them out for some leather bracelets.

5) Put on a baseball cap. You want to look as hipster as possible. Preferably navy blue because you wanna inject a little Parisian in your look. Not into resonating Parisian style? Not a problem, there are a wide range of caps to choose from over at Fanatics.

Ines de la Fressenge x Uniqlo navy blue linen blend suit, Man Repeller x Patterson J. Kincaid tank top, H&M Spring 2015 scarf as bracelet, Zara patent brogues

Collage images from top left, in clockwise direction: Ines x Uniqlo linen blazerPharrell Williams x Adidas Stan Smith sneakersTopshop breton striped t-shirtBimba and Lola nautical braceletInes x Uniqlo linen trousers and New Era New York Yankees cap in navy via Fanatics

Images all done by Imran using iPhone 6

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

Parisian Dress Down Days

Could you actually justify whether these three looks would be worn by an actual Parisian?

First: Uniqlo soldier t-shirt, Zara cigarette jeans, Charles and Keith sandals, 3.1 Phillip Lim bag (in all other looks too)

Second: COS t-shirt, H&M shirt, Zara cigarette jeans, Adidas sneakers

Third: Uniqlo shirt, Zara cigarette jeans, H&M patent brogues

Images captured by iPhone 6

Wednesday, 11 March 2015

Summer Vibes

Just a quick update to my disappearance: A typical summer look when I felt like the heat was on a constant berate with my non competent wardrobe.

Get this look for $12+ on Lookastic: Navy Vertical Striped Dress Shirt, White Shorts, and White Lace Low Top Sneakers