Thursday, 30 July 2015

How to Be a Saint Laurent Girl (If You Don't Have the Money)

saint laurent girl 2
saint laurent girl
saint laurent girl 3

Don't any of you - when you walk past billboard ads and/or retail outlets with ceiling-to-floor posters of models clad in that brand's clothing - just go, "Hey, I really wanna be a *inserts brand name here* guy/girl!"

Sometimes I do. Actually no, most of the items I do that; especially when I walk past Saint Laurent stores or halfway whilst flipping through fashion magazines I go "OMG!" that startles everyone and they start questioning "Hey what happened are you ok?" and I will, without hesitant, reply "I am so in love with this Saint Laurent ad! I wanna be a Saint Laurent girl!"

I don't know what is it, that Hedi Silmane controversially rebranded the house with a new name by eliminating Yves and just retaining Saint Laurent as their new house name, or that his designs successfully and paramountly inculcated the idea of 'grunge glam'; having that western, downtown girl that freely exhibits her bursting personality and wild side whilst concurrently retained the former YSL Parisienne edginess.

I think, or I have to correct myself, that it is the fact that both the aforementioned reasons was why I am particular drawn towards the brand. I wasn't pretty much attracted to it before Hedi Silmane took over. But now, I am willing to starve (ok, too extreme and much of an exaggeration, but you know what I mean) just to afford a simple bracelet.

So for any of you out there who wanna emulate the Saint Laurent look, but do not have the financial stability or capability to pull out your credit cards or dig your wallets to check out a whooping four thousand dollar leather jacket or a thousand dollars for a feather cuff (omg? but chic though), here's what I would suggest:


1: Source for a Saint Laurent look you'd like to emulate. I took three looks, two from Pre Fall 2015 which you can find in my previous post here and here, and one from Fall 2015.

2: Go to high street stores and do your similar sourcing. Hint: Zara right now is the epitome of Saint Laurent.

3: Buy them (obviously)!!!

4: Wear them out and parade your chic Saint Laurent girl vibe at an affordable price on the street.

5: Share the trick with your girlfriends if you're feeling generous.

Look 1: The Man Repeller x Patterson J Kincaid muscle tank, Zara velvet suit and buckle sandals
Look 2: Zara navy blazer and studded booties, Muji striped t-shirt, COS jeans (self-ripped), Monki bag
Look 3: Topman houndstooth blazer, Zara 'Rolling Stones' tribute t-shirt, Uniqlo shorts

Images all done by Imran

Saturday, 25 July 2015

"I have too many shoes" Says No One Ever

Photo 17-7-15 10 23 51 am
Photo 18-7-15 12 42 45 pm
Photo 20-7-15 8 12 47 am
Photo 21-7-15 8 12 53 am
Photo 22-7-15 8 15 56 am
Photo 23-7-15 8 13 59 am
Photo 24-7-15 8 18 18 am

Image from top to bottom: Amlul x Superga raffia sneakers, Cheap Monday patent metallic brogues, Topshop camo wedge sneakers, Repetto 'Zizi' red toned brogues, Adidas 'Stan Smith' mesh sneakers, Topshop pom pom brocade slip ons, The Man Repeller x Superga velvet sneakers

All images done using iPhone 6, edited with VSCO Cam

Friday, 17 July 2015

Sunday, 12 July 2015

What to Wear to Work: The Denim Series


Have you ever wondered what it is like to have Casual Fridays for the entire week at work? It sounds pretty awesome right; you are able to wear anything you want sans being mocked by your fellow colleagues because they are acting on the same thing too. You wouldn't have to repeat those restricted, crease-free plain or pinstriped shirts or blouses tucked neatly into a pair of tailored trousers or below-the-knee skirt four time a day. You are able to freely express yourself!

Those are nonsense, casual dressing is de facto more stressful than you actually think.

Imagine having to constantly wake up and think 'What should I wear that is comfortable to survive the entire day and still look like I'm fresh off fashion week?'. That itself takes about thirty minutes. An hour solely goes to freshening up and applying all your creams, foundation (which I don't use because it glides off your skin under this sweltering weather) and up-do. Then it takes approximately forty-five minutes to reach your work place. You literally have to wake up two hours and fifteen minutes prior to the start of your office hour.

So in order to make things less complicated and more efficacious, I've decided to go with what I do best: jeans. All I have to do now is to pick a top and an outerwear (or on hotter days I don't even have to!), a bag and shoes. Yay! I can finally sleep in more. Lol jk, that still sounds like a lot of planning to do.

Enough said, let the pictures do the talking: an entire week filled with lack of sleep and appropriate outfits.


Monday: Instead of driving the Monday Blues away, I welcomed them with a Uniqlo tartan shirt, Uniqlo linen blazer but it's in collaboration with Ines, Phillip Lim bagZara cigarette jeans and loafers. But I guessed I failed to do so because I couldn't get a cab on time. I also needed to pee badly and had to hold my bladder for a good thirty minutes. FML.


Tuesday: I've learned my lesson that flagging a cab is extremely cumbersome, henceforth I called for one. Lol jk, I actually used Uber. Apparently it is so hard to call for a cab during morning rush hour. So while I was waiting for my Uber driver, a hot guy actually walked past and obviously I had to check him out. Oh and not to forget whilst I go on rambling about that hot guy, I'm wearing H&M Conscious 2015 jacket (which I scored from sale!) with a Zara grey t-shirt underneath, Uniqlo jeans, Vivienne Westwood purse and Superga sneakers.


Wednesday: I took too much cab/Uber rides on Monday and Tuesday, I had to revert back to public transport. So I did my walk of shame in this Zara embroidered shirt, Ines x Uniqlo selvedge denim jeans (I'm kinda obsessed with Uniqlo now don't ask me why because I actually have no clue), Adidas mesh Stan Smith sneakers and Marc by Marc Jacobs clutch.


Thursday: Casually using Uber again to see if I'd be able to make it in time for work. I'm wearing a COS t-shirt which I've got two at this moment because you just can't have too little basics, Zara cigarette jeans, H&M striped oversized shirt, Balenciaga neoprene bag (neoprene is so Alexander Wang).


Friday: It's TGIF! And I'm intending to channel out utilitarian vibes inspired from Dsquared anything. Oh, I just realized that everything is from Zara. Minus the belt, that's from H&M. I feel like a literal walking Zara ad. Lol jk.

Images all done by Imran