Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Sean Seyfried Guides: It's Holiday Season Already?!?!

You know it's November now, and in a blink of an eye, bam! It will be December. Here's a fact: you're still one month plus away from Christmas so who cares, you'll just do the last minute Christmas shopping and boxing like you do every year. Here's another fact: Your procrastination will wind you up in scouting for inappropriate items as gift ideas at 11pm on Christmas Eve (who cares about the ten days of giveaway; at least you could rush in time for the actual Christmas) such as bath towels from circa 1996, unused kitchen knives and books that are under the genre 'Self-help' (aka comes off as naturally insulting).

I dare say that because most of us do that. I do that last minute Christmas shopping because I Christmas-shopped for myself a little too often. My mum only Christmas shops when she realize it is Christmas. My friend bestowed me with my present only in as late as February.

But what is the point to having premature buys you think you might eventually regret because you manage to come across a better present for Tracy? Shucks, I should have waited! Should Gabrielle be the (chosen) one settling down with the Bath and Body Works bath set I actually got for Tracy? Guess Iris might be alright with it. How about Amy, will she mind? Maybe if I didn't tell her that it was a 'hand-down' present; she doesn't deserve Prada anyway.

This is the problem. We are overly paranoid when it comes to buying gifts too early and overly inattentive when we decide things on the eleventh hour. If oscillating between both such ideas are deemed as a challenge tough enough for you not to scratch your head with your hands only, but rather with your feet as well, is there a plausible 'just nice' to such an issue?

If you're inherent Carrie Bradshaw, this would not work out for you. But if you're (temporarily) not, yasssss!!!

Shopbop is having a special segment for easier selection of gifts during the Holiday season. It is not solely for Christmas (obviously), you know there is the upcoming Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and even New Year's Day. They have a range of candles, to sunglasses, to fancy accessories dishes to chic pajamas that arrives at your door step with just a click of a button. Not sure how to do it? You can take reference using my guide over here. Just make sure you do not over indulge in gifting presents to yourself that you forgot all about the art of giving to others.

Here are my top picks for 'Presents less than $100' because you cannot afford to not save some cash and gift yourself a more expensive Gucci dress:

A) Jonathan Adler candle because using multiple faces to glam up your table top is so in right now.

B) Manolo Blahnik's version of the elves and the shoemaker which I 'fortuitously' gifted myself too. You just have to study shoe art to master it.

C) A C Wonder gem storage plate because Tracy has been complaining about how she isn't able to find a creative way to store her accessories

D) A casing for sunglasses from Gift Boutique because Hannah has been facing the 'Sunnies theft' because she couldn't help but just casually throw it all over her place. This might be her savior. When I say 'this might be', I meant 'I am'.

E) An eye mask by Kate Spade because they just look so adorable you couldn't help but get it for someone who hasn't come into your mind yet.

F) Sarah Chloe's P pendant for Palma. Cliché, I know. She should be thankful she wasn't chosen for that bath set.

Amy? I forgot about her. I guess she really deserves that bath set.

Top collage image from Gossip Girl and Barneys New York, bottom ones are all from the web with the help of Google.

A part collaboration with Shopbop

P/S: Names used are purely for humor purposes and are coincidental if they happen to be your name, so please do not be offended, especially if you're Amy. Sorry!

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Consider the Gray T-shirt

We have talked about how the white t-shirt could be the quintessential piece when it comes to emulating the minimalistic meets lackadaisical look, how it is essential and irreplaceable in our ever changing closets and how a piece of white t-shirt, though basic (pun intended), is of equivalent to denim jeans that is of equivalent to plain bread. You can tarnish a printed t-shirt, or even one in boisterous logo, by pairing it with the wrong skirt or wrong trousers that could embarrassingly end up in tabloid magazine tagged under 'Fashion Flop', but you can never tarnish a white t-shirt and make people not want to wear (or even buy) them again.

Maybe you could lose a little hope in your whites after spilling gravy on it; you'll throw a tantrum since that Alexander Wang white t-shirt costs you eighty bucks. But you'll never fail to repurchase it.

Yet, we never feel the same for a gray t-shirt. It is basic, checked. Minimalistic, checked. Able to be easily paired with your denim cigarette jeans, checked. Does not stain easily, checked. A good replacement for your whites when they are in the washers, checked.

So why do we not channel the same trust and passion towards grays like we have with whites? Is it because it does not resemble crispy clean as well as whites do (pun intended)? Or are we just simply bias towards our whites that we feel comfortable, hence rendering us not to be compelled towards accepting other colours into our 'basic chic' dressing? If so, why? It might be the fact that we are revolved around constant social media whom always chose whites over grays when it comes to perfecting that minimalistic look. We believe and associate white with pure and spotless, thus projecting it into our basic chic look would neatly conceal our lackadaisical state with a 'fresh' looking piece of t-shirt.

Shall we start to readjust our mentality and welcome grays? Or shall we be inherently adamant and stick with whites?

If you're keen about changing, there are a few grays you can consider. On a tight budget? Don't worry, this COS and Topshop t-shirt would suffice. But if you're feeling a little more opulent, maybe this signature slub t-shirt with pocket or boxy, yet lightweight t-shirt - which both 'coincidentally' happen to be from T by Alexander Wang - would satisfy you.

Personally, I would take the leap of faith and gradually invite grays into my everyday closet. What is the harm of trying an alternative? Maybe, in the process of inviting something new, you might heave a relief when it comes to realizing that your whites are in the washers at the eleventh hour, especially when you're faced with the ubiquitous ‘OMG, I have nothing to wear’ moments.

Zara gray t-shirt, Alexander Wang x H&M sunglasses and bag pack, Christopher Kane x J Brand jeans, Zara sandals

Images done by Mr Big, image collage all over the web

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

How to Look Chic in a Gym

In life, there are times whereby, unnoticeable to yourself, you are bound to look extremely horrible.

1) You woke up with your make up left overnight because you had great sex with this guy you know and that you forgot to remove them, and it had allow you to successfully achieved smudged panda eyes and stained white sheets.

2) You have a huge wedgie that you really need to pull and readjust but you are in public and there was no nearest toilet and you are in a seven layered tulle dress (not to be confused with wedding dress).

3) You didn't realize you have a camel teo until you went home after being outside for ten hours.

4) You have perspiration all over your face and body and your pits are radiating foul odor when you decided it was finally time to keep fit and hit the gym.

Despite the fact that horrible is subjective to one's perception, these are some instances that are inevitable in our lives which could lead us to awkward moments where we would rather die than face society with (if you aren't in the consensus, you are a pathological liar because we all know these are the scenerios we would rather not visit). Face it, you would not want to look like Cinderella to Uglyrella in front of your boyfriend after sex, you don't want public to judge you when scratch your wedgie for relief, you definitely do not want to be spotted with a camel toe in Conde Nast and you definitely, would not one to have that BO you once teased your classmate with.

So because problems 1, 2 and 3 are solvable within an instant - remember to remove your make up, wear proper underwear next time you don on the same dress and - I would target on getting a solution for problem 4.

I was spotted in sports wear and was literally involved in an activity called badminton. I swung some rackets and hit some (corks?). Lol who do I even kid? I don't even exercise, so I completely solved my BO problem. If you love doing sports, apply as much deodorant as possible. The deodorant will be your one step closer to eradicating BO.

Lol, but the main point is: 'How do we attract our opposite (and hopefully future) partners in the gym?' We are all going to be all sweaty and unsightly when it comes to keeping fit in the gym and exercising regularly, is there going to be a way to seduce our future *partners?* with our horribly looking selves?

This is where Alexander Wang comes in. His recent collaboration with H&M - a 94 pieces (feel free to correct me if I'm wrong because I think I might be) collection ranged from womenswear, menswear, versatile accessories and objects - that solely designed and infused with sports performance is perfectly great for one to look good outdoors, or even in the gym. This means you can finally perspire in peace without compromising your appearance!

But who can I kid? I do not gym. I do not even step anywhere near the 1.5 kilometres in radius near a gym. The only exercise I engage in is faux - I even did faux badminton practices - or shopping. With that, I'm going to perform my 'exercises' in my newly bought gym-wear.

First: Alexander Wang x H&M scuba trousers, Zara NYC t-shirt and sandals
Second: Alexander Wang x H&M t-shirt dress, shorts and thigh-high socks which I was emulating Carrie Bradshaw, Topshop chelsea boots
Third: Alexander Wang x H&M 'Wang' pullover, COS jeans, Buffalo wedge sneakers
Forth: Alexander wang x H&M mesh t-shirt dress, Topshop biker jacket, H&M shorts and Superga in ecru

Image credits Imran

Sunday, 9 November 2014

Suiting Up

Suits have always become my answer to questions pertaining 'How can you do a complex look yet having it relatively succinct?' and 'How to make a formal look appear casual?'. To be frank, having to be thrown with such questions can be a challenge. Complexity meets succinctness are bringing two end poles together and forcing them to meet. Making a formal look turn out casual itself has oxymoronic meaning behind the statement. Despite such 'abstract' ideas are not easily comprehensible by many, I thought 'Suits' was actually the most appropriate answer.

I consistently resort to suits when I am thrown with an invitation to some party, or social event, or even a birthday celebration that includes hotel's hospitality. Yes, suits might be the only answer to all the male species out there when you're invited to a banquet. Yet, I find that they are the only source of pillars of support when I am stuck in my frequent times of 'Omg, I have nothing to wear' and I really need to get my ass out of the house in five but I still wanna look chic.

They really have rendered me ineffable when it comes to explaining its chicness whilst hung on racks of similar yet different styles. I went to Suit Supply's opening party once (I was about to appear in a suit, but then again, isn't it a little too predictable? Hence I kept my blazer on and exchanged the pants for a different colored shorts); the interior design already brought me to the aforementioned ineffable state of mine. Simple and clean, yet abstract with several assorted colors and prints. As I got closer to the shop, it was like Cocaine. I was totally drawn in by the array of marvellously structured blazers and trousers and ties and cuff links that I forgot about the champagne (usually I dive into the champagne counter first).

I ran my hands through the racks of blazers and tailored trousers. How could such a store not be properly introduced in our country? A man no longer has the excuse for not being able to possess a properly tailored suit. All men has to at least own one suit (preferably navy or pinstriped blue). I vowed to own a piece of navy suit, but I have yet to find the appropriate piece. I managed to actually find one in Suit Supply, I flipped over to check out the price and realized that I could have afford it if I go on a no food diet for half a year, plus a huge loan from the bank.

So how can I seize a grandiose suit that is tagged with a not so ludicrous price? I was opting for Zara, but Topshop could do good as well. Or maybe Shopbop and East Dane when they are on sale.

To play fair to the whole connotation and stereotype that suits are only meant for males, I have decided to showcase different solutions for both genders. You will notice that none of them fall under the norm core (aka black tux), because that would only be appropriate in weddings (even then I would want to be in a Thom Browne whale suit of different blazer and bottom) and not street style. A pinstriped suit (from Topshop) is always the best when it comes to the first safe step out of your comfort zone (and financial zone) and a khaki blazer paired with a similar hue 'midi' skirt (Josh Goot via Shopbop) is pertinent when it comes to affairs to remember (pun intended). And for the men, let's still keep the dark acceptable hue with this navy x pseudo pinstriped (score!) jacket and pants suit (E Tautz via East Dane) which is currently on freakin' sale (score x2!!) or perhaps if you want to be that male lead in the lady's aforementioned Affairs to Remember, this similar olive suit might let you score that spot (Mr Start via East Dane).

Even though I was deterred by the extravagant price (however I can justify an Issey Miyake bag for that price, lol) that was designated to almost all the suits in Suit Supply, my determination to press on and find a similar (and monetarily ideal) was never deterred. De facto, I drew out my yellow suit I got from Zara a few seasons back to constantly remind me of this, and simultaneously, to instil a mindset that no matter how prosaic you can be on that day, you can always escape it by wearing a suit.

Zara yellow suit, Man Repeller x Patterson J Kincaid banana muscle tank which I found an unfortunate hole that rendered me to produce torrential cries for three hours (Lol, jk, but I was nonetheless devastated), Marni x H&M scarf as arm party and Zara patent loafers.

Image credits Imran, collage images from all over the web.

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Sean Seyfried Guides: Sample Sale!!!!!!!!!!!

Recently, I went to a designer sale. I got massacred.

Lol, jk. If I really did, I wouldn't still be typing this and even foretelling you guys that this is another 'Sean Seyfried Guide' aka 'The Most Idiot Proof Guide'. I might even triumph Guide for Dummies.

Okay, I digressed. But I was really massacred; I was faced with that inadvertent pushing and shoving and my wallet went dry. To be honest, this was the first time I got to a sample sale. I was never an avid fan of sample sales because the thought of scouring through an entire room packed with clothes and humans would give me a splitting headache. But when I got to the scene, I was wrong. Absolutely wrong. Neither did I not suffer from the foresighted splitting headache, I was actually (for the first time) ransacking through all the clothing shelves. I have never felt so accomplished before.

I just checked off something from my list of 'Things to Do Before I Die'.

The sale was spread across four days and I went for two; the second day and the last. I got a Jil Sander navy bermudas which I have always wanted a pair at a fraction of its original price, two T by Alexander wang t-shirts which came in the right time since my muscle tanks were all already dying, a satin Calvin Klein trousers that allows me to (finally) emulate the Calvin Klein moment from Clueless and lastly, a pair of Isabel Marant Étoile jeans which I unfortunately could not fit into (despite it supposed being one size too big).

I thought I was done, but in contrary, I wanted more.

I went on the last day (aka the final sale day), and it was the best; everything was further marked down. I succumb to temptation and got myself a gorgeous Dries coat, two Balenciaga shirts because I 'needed' a silk shirt and then they came in two colours and I panicked and I couldn't choose so I got both and a pair of Christopher Kane x J Brand embroidered jeans because it was a thousand slashed to three hundred, and further slashed to ninety. NINETY FREAKING BUCKS.

How was I able to get such awesome findings? I was often told by my friends that they were always unable to get anything suitable for them during designer sales. Here's the trick to how I did it.

1) Via Facebook Friends, hayyy.

Lol, jk. When there's a sample sale, everyone is selfish. No one would publicize the fact that there's an ongoing sale, because everyone wants that discounted designer piece. I cannot deny for the fact that I'm part of that team too; I screen-shot the notification and kept it in my phone. They say that everything is kept behind the doors, mine was behind my iPhone.

Okay, I kid again. But always keep a look out. Don't expect your friends to go like 'Hey, there's a sample sale!'. Follow that departmental store on Facebook, and when it is about time to have that annual sample sale, always scroll through their webpage. It will be out there, somewhere.

Once you see it, mark your calendars. Immediately.

2) Pick a Date.

Unless you're willing to stand in a queue that snakes, then go for the first day. Otherwise, save that energy for Alexander Wang x H&M (which I know, had happened today) and then go on the second day. You won't even need to wait in line for your turn. The best things might have already been snagged by those who went to be part of that snake, but I always remember this adage: One man's trash is another man's treasure.

But then again, you won't want to use that aphorism when it comes to Alexander Wang x H&M. That is why I was in the queue.

3) Pack Your Wallet. 

Remember those days when your mum made you pack your bag the day before school, just to make sure that you don't miss out any textbooks at the eleventh hour? Or perhaps even to alleviate you from panic attack when you pack it five minutes before you leave your house and realized that Math book is playing hide and seek?

Just make sure you listen to your mum. Pack your wallet the night before. Make sure it's tight. It can be either in cash, or credit.

4) Select Your Team Name and Team Players.

Whether you choose to be an Auditing team, or even the SWAT team, make sure you have at least one team player with you. Why? It is way more fun doing it in a group than alone. At least you can have someone who could give you good opinions to reduce the damage done on your wallet. Yes, your sense of style is always unique and you don't give a damn what people say, but think of it as someone you can scream together whilst looking at that Marni dress.

5) Choose a Slogan. Mine's 'Dig, Ransack, Search'.

From Step 4, I chose my team to be G.I. Joe. They are extremely relatable, I donned myself with a utilitarian jumpsuit, all prepared to rummage in rampage. Lol, jk. Sorry, I just love to joke, I was not in a jumpsuit. I was de facto in a pair of military green strappy sandals with red wedges. Yet, I was feeling that hype of being part of G.I. Joe and being the Team Leader (aka the Head Bitch), I have to assign a slogan to keep my team players motivated.

I came up with this: Dig, ransack, search. Dig through the shelves, ransack through the hangers and search deep beneath areas you'll never actually do. That includes the shopping bag of others.

Remember, your slogan must always be stuck in your head.

6) Test, then Take or Toss.

Here's a trick I've learned, if you're getting a pair of bottoms, try everything with your neck. If you're brave enough, strip. Otherwise, wear it over. No, if you have a good body, strip. We want to see that nice package you are hiding under those layers.

Lol, jk. Then again don't forget to remove the clothes after trying.

7) Pay and Pray.

Prepare to see your wallet shrink. Like literally shrink. Sometimes you would even wonder why your tummy would not 'deflate' as swiftly as your wallets do. Even though it is not ideal for your wallets to lose weight, but hey, you're getting those unaffordable clothes at a sample price.

There you have it, a idiot proof step by step guide to sample sale. Bookmark this guide and revisit it when the next sample sale arrives. In the meantime, could you guess how many 'Lol, jk' I have aforementioned? No referring back.

Collage images from everywhere. Shocked face boy is none other than Kevin from Home Alone (but instead you get a shock at sample sale rather than your house getting invaded), t-shirt's from Balenciaga, trousers' from Chloe, shoes are Sophia Webster and coat is from Dries van Noten.