Friday, 28 November 2014

The Alma Mater of Wedge Sneakers

Can you guess what my height is?

Five foot eight, or five foot ten?

My height often fluctuates within a different, yet rather selected range. This is because I'm either in sneakers, loafers or wedge sneakers. I cannot deny the fact that those additional back platforms embedded in wedge sneakers give you the necessary height that could be easily translated as a form of confidence and power, neither could I repress the truth that wedge sneakers are actually one of the best cheat sheet to looking taller than usual.

I have a little too many wedge sneakers that varies from one to three and a half inches. Yes, it might be rather strenuous when it comes to long distance walking when you're either shopping or trying to accelerate your weight loss by wearing them on the track mill during your gym session (same theory goes to heels and normal wedges), yet I just find myself gradually (though not subtly) developing a form of addiction when it comes to sliding my feet in them.

Could it be that I really fell short (all interpretations and pun, intended and allowed)? Or am I just really craving for that vertical feel and look?

It seems like I have not completely comprehended the supposed upcoming holiday season. Or perhaps I did; I was actually gifting myself - not anyone else but hey, it's still an act of giving - a rather 'opulent' present. They were my first ever pair of Isabel Marant wedge sneakers. I never exactly had the chance to TGIF (toes go in first) into one before since they were like eight hundred bucks(?). But something called 'pre-loved' and assumed to be 'worn only two hours and pretty new' made me reciprocate my true feelings and fork out less than half of the original price when I chance upon them.

I was always in the reproduction of wedge sneakers. Buffalo, Topshop, Aldo; you name it, you've got it. Isabel Marant was the true alma mater in being the brainer for wedge sneakers. Who would've thought wedges and sneakers could go so well hand in hand? Isabel Marant did. She once used to stuff cork at the back of her sneakers to give her that extra boost to her height, and poof, her idea became such a big hit that many knock-offs were created (and then bought by me because I just cannot afford a pair till now, despite being discounted). This just shows that we should never come quick to reject any of your childhood ideas though being mocked by your fellow peers.

So then again, I managed to steal this past season Isabel Marant beige Bekket sneakers with red accents at three hundred. Who needs those knock-offs when I now have the real deal?

Lol jk, I am never bias towards any of my shoes.

Also, you might be wondering what my actual height is. Hmm, let's just keep it at a five foot ten, shall we?

Isabel Marant wedge sneakers (please up a size because they run one size smaller, don't say I kept it to myself!), Buffalo black and white wedge sneakers, Topshop camo printed wedge sneakers and Aldo white with stud embellishment (on the flip side) wedge sneakers

Image credits Imran

P/S: Okay, my actual height is five foot seven.

Tuesday, 25 November 2014

The Art of Online Shopping and Online Sale

Do you know what is better than sample sale?

Guess it! No prizes for those who got them right. Lol, jk. On the contrary, there will be prizes.




Are you still rolling your die or mentally cogitating multiple choices?

Alright, I'll give you the answer.

I have a friend who frequently bursts out in cold sweat whenever she walks past a crowd. Similarly, I happen to suffer from that condition too. I usually hyperventilate and my pores start to expand whilst the sweat glands instantaneously become more productive whenever I hear these three words: 'Online Sample Sale' (did you guess it right?). The omnipresent phrase during June and December - aka mid sale and year-end sale respectively - have gotten much more positive outcomes with just two words. What would you think the resulting effect would be if we added in another word?

I believe it would be a frantic attack meets sudden outbursts of joy, laughter and 'Praise the Lord' speeches.

I do have to admit that my only cardio is solely made up of physical (or window) shopping. They would start to develop into a run (or a pseudo sporting activity) if there's a sale ongoing at Zara, or even a designer sample sale. So what exactly constitutes my willingness to go from 'Run? Nah.' to 'Run? Yeah!'? Am I simply one of the many victims craving for designer bargains? Or am I elated over the fact that I could get clothes at a cheaper price - and not a cheaper alternative?

Yet, whenever I hear similar phrases but inserted with additional words to make the whole phrase more 'filled' (aka Online Sample Sale instead of just Sample Sale), I cringe at the thought of it. I would safely assert that my form of withdrawal symptom isn't a bad thing; in fact it is something great. You can draw similar resemblance: When I'm all pumped up, I start to perspire. And when you see my entire face flustered with perspiration, it means I have completed my (shopping) race (or still in the midst of participation).

Alright, that was a whole ton of ramble you guys had to tolerate. Oh yes, did I mention about prizes if you correctly guessed the answer?

Well, Shopbop and East Dane are having a MAJOR SALE (highlighted and bold in red for extra emphasis) because they are feeling rather generous I presume? Lol, jk. But then again, there isn't any harm for us, is there? It goes from Tuesday, 25th November, 7 am in New York time, all the way to Monday, 1st December, 11:59 pm L.A. time, which simply means that if you're a local Singapore reader, it starts today at 8 pm (AKA NOW!) till 2nd of December at 3:59 pm! Yay me for converting the time for you guys!

So you might be wondering, what's the sale?

Firstly, there is NO brand exclusions (f*ck yeah!). Secondly, it lasts for an entire week (So if you're rather fickle, this sale is meant for you). And lastly, you're saving lots of cash (refer to the breakdown below).

When you spend $250, you get a 15% off total bill.

When you spend $500, you get a 20% off total bill.

When you spend $1000, you get a 25% off total bill.

Just key in the code: GOBIG14 upon checkout to be entitled to this amazing discount!

Though, those who didn't engage in the rather lame guessing game or you got the wrong answer, you cannot enjoy this privilege. Just kidding! What are you guys waiting for? Click away!

P/S: For East Danes, click here for more details. For Shopbop go-ers, click here for more details.

P/S/S: I just bought a bag for myself for Christmas, lol.

Image collages from Sex and the City and Google, time conversion courtesy of's help

A part collaboration with Shopbop

Note: All prices are tabulated in USD and not SGD

Friday, 21 November 2014

To Button Or To Unbutton

In life, we are bound to come to a junction that paves various (though usually two for convenience) separate ways filled with different entities and options such as 'grilled or steamed', 'salad or pizza', 'skirt or pants', 'cab or car' and the list just goes on. If we are unable to achieve both (or all) goals by constructing our own in between (like for instance we could when we're choosing denim culottes in times of being fickle over between the choice of shorts or jeans), we will have to face the hard way by choosing either alternative.

I would go for grilled, pizza (because once I got a bowl of salad and I couldn't stand the taste of it and got a pizza; it was circa 2010. That was the first and the last time I had salad), pants because wide leg pants are so 'in' and cab because I don't know how to drive.

I came across this similar intersection when I donned on this grey checkered shirt I got from Uniqlo when I was doing a pseudo Sex and the City four girls gathering with my friends. In fact, I often am faced with this splitting pathway because I love shirts. I'd assume that the shirt and pants had a bond so indestructible that many may mistake it for adamantium instead of fabric blend. I'd also accept the fact that their bond wasn't that much of perpetual immortality because you still can chip adamantium with diamond (I presume) and shirts go well with almost anything below. It could be a skirt, a maxi skirt, shorts, chinos, or even just underwear.

I was contemplating on this: to button or to unbutton. I love how buttoning up your shirts would emanate that preppy chic, whilst unbuttoning them shows what a bad ass kid you were in your high school. It is like killing two birds with one stone. You just have to buy a piece from the men's department (or ladies, but men's always gets a better shirt tailoring) and you could style it up in any way you want. You can even go from bra exposure to time-to-meet-the-in-laws in just two succinct seconds.

Eventually, unbuttoning was my answer. The reasons? One: I live somewhere which was not given a privilege to experience the four seasons except summer for 24/7. Two: I don't particular love the preppy chic trend, henceforth I went to reminisce my bad kid days when I was fifteen (I was a semi rebel back then). And three: I'd love to expose bra *winks*.

What about you guys? To button, or to unbutton?

Dolce & Gabbana necklace, Marc by Marc Jacobs watch, Uniqlo grey tartan shirt, Amen Label orange tartan shorts,  Zara embellished sandals

Image credits Imran

Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Sean Seyfried Guides: It's Holiday Season Already?!?!

You know it's November now, and in a blink of an eye, bam! It will be December. Here's a fact: you're still one month plus away from Christmas so who cares, you'll just do the last minute Christmas shopping and boxing like you do every year. Here's another fact: Your procrastination will wind you up in scouting for inappropriate items as gift ideas at 11pm on Christmas Eve (who cares about the ten days of giveaway; at least you could rush in time for the actual Christmas) such as bath towels from circa 1996, unused kitchen knives and books that are under the genre 'Self-help' (aka comes off as naturally insulting).

I dare say that because most of us do that. I do that last minute Christmas shopping because I Christmas-shopped for myself a little too often. My mum only Christmas shops when she realize it is Christmas. My friend bestowed me with my present only in as late as February.

But what is the point to having premature buys you think you might eventually regret because you manage to come across a better present for Tracy? Shucks, I should have waited! Should Gabrielle be the (chosen) one settling down with the Bath and Body Works bath set I actually got for Tracy? Guess Iris might be alright with it. How about Amy, will she mind? Maybe if I didn't tell her that it was a 'hand-down' present; she doesn't deserve Prada anyway.

This is the problem. We are overly paranoid when it comes to buying gifts too early and overly inattentive when we decide things on the eleventh hour. If oscillating between both such ideas are deemed as a challenge tough enough for you not to scratch your head with your hands only, but rather with your feet as well, is there a plausible 'just nice' to such an issue?

If you're inherent Carrie Bradshaw, this would not work out for you. But if you're (temporarily) not, yasssss!!!

Shopbop is having a special segment for easier selection of gifts during the Holiday season. It is not solely for Christmas (obviously), you know there is the upcoming Thanksgiving, Hanukkah and even New Year's Day. They have a range of candles, to sunglasses, to fancy accessories dishes to chic pajamas that arrives at your door step with just a click of a button. Not sure how to do it? You can take reference using my guide over here. Just make sure you do not over indulge in gifting presents to yourself that you forgot all about the art of giving to others.

Here are my top picks for 'Presents less than $100' because you cannot afford to not save some cash and gift yourself a more expensive Gucci dress:

A) Jonathan Adler candle because using multiple faces to glam up your table top is so in right now.

B) Manolo Blahnik's version of the elves and the shoemaker which I 'fortuitously' gifted myself too. You just have to study shoe art to master it.

C) A C Wonder gem storage plate because Tracy has been complaining about how she isn't able to find a creative way to store her accessories

D) A casing for sunglasses from Gift Boutique because Hannah has been facing the 'Sunnies theft' because she couldn't help but just casually throw it all over her place. This might be her savior. When I say 'this might be', I meant 'I am'.

E) An eye mask by Kate Spade because they just look so adorable you couldn't help but get it for someone who hasn't come into your mind yet.

F) Sarah Chloe's P pendant for Palma. Cliché, I know. She should be thankful she wasn't chosen for that bath set.

Amy? I forgot about her. I guess she really deserves that bath set.

Top collage image from Gossip Girl and Barneys New York, bottom ones are all from the web with the help of Google.

A part collaboration with Shopbop

P/S: Names used are purely for humor purposes and are coincidental if they happen to be your name, so please do not be offended, especially if you're Amy. Sorry!

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Consider the Gray T-shirt

We have talked about how the white t-shirt could be the quintessential piece when it comes to emulating the minimalistic meets lackadaisical look, how it is essential and irreplaceable in our ever changing closets and how a piece of white t-shirt, though basic (pun intended), is of equivalent to denim jeans that is of equivalent to plain bread. You can tarnish a printed t-shirt, or even one in boisterous logo, by pairing it with the wrong skirt or wrong trousers that could embarrassingly end up in tabloid magazine tagged under 'Fashion Flop', but you can never tarnish a white t-shirt and make people not want to wear (or even buy) them again.

Maybe you could lose a little hope in your whites after spilling gravy on it; you'll throw a tantrum since that Alexander Wang white t-shirt costs you eighty bucks. But you'll never fail to repurchase it.

Yet, we never feel the same for a gray t-shirt. It is basic, checked. Minimalistic, checked. Able to be easily paired with your denim cigarette jeans, checked. Does not stain easily, checked. A good replacement for your whites when they are in the washers, checked.

So why do we not channel the same trust and passion towards grays like we have with whites? Is it because it does not resemble crispy clean as well as whites do (pun intended)? Or are we just simply bias towards our whites that we feel comfortable, hence rendering us not to be compelled towards accepting other colours into our 'basic chic' dressing? If so, why? It might be the fact that we are revolved around constant social media whom always chose whites over grays when it comes to perfecting that minimalistic look. We believe and associate white with pure and spotless, thus projecting it into our basic chic look would neatly conceal our lackadaisical state with a 'fresh' looking piece of t-shirt.

Shall we start to readjust our mentality and welcome grays? Or shall we be inherently adamant and stick with whites?

If you're keen about changing, there are a few grays you can consider. On a tight budget? Don't worry, this COS and Topshop t-shirt would suffice. But if you're feeling a little more opulent, maybe this signature slub t-shirt with pocket or boxy, yet lightweight t-shirt - which both 'coincidentally' happen to be from T by Alexander Wang - would satisfy you.

Personally, I would take the leap of faith and gradually invite grays into my everyday closet. What is the harm of trying an alternative? Maybe, in the process of inviting something new, you might heave a relief when it comes to realizing that your whites are in the washers at the eleventh hour, especially when you're faced with the ubiquitous ‘OMG, I have nothing to wear’ moments.

Zara gray t-shirt, Alexander Wang x H&M sunglasses and bag pack, Christopher Kane x J Brand jeans, Zara sandals

Images done by Mr Big, image collage all over the web