Friday, 19 September 2014

Spring Hues in Fall Tone

The summer heat has gradually left but still inadvertently lingered. The chilly wind blew past but never remained. It was pretty sure that my country's geographical locale would always - always - die to be reprieved. Yet, despite the tons of grumble and criticism we often make that would theoretically be suffice to drive us physically out of the country but impossible due to impending factors like lack of financial stability since all your pay was spent on that pair of Manolo Blahnik and adaptability issues, we still put on that extra layer of jacket or blazer disregarding the present weather state. What was the reason? Fashion week? Our fashion week was last May. Or was it our constant hopes that 'The weather looks great it's going to be chilly today' which was always high in its willpower that hasn't resulted us to turn cynical?

Is this the pure state of what we call 'juvenile delinquency'?

I happen to be a part of such an offence. Previously I wore a black wool blazer from H&M Studio '14, a Versace x H&M geometrical patterned t-shirt and an Armani Jeans faux leather shorts. The blazer was size six, I'd love it to be a little oversized thus having my butt securely protected whilst emanate strong shoulders. Since it was two sizes too big and the usage of any black hue would be deemed as unwise since it is scientifically proven that black absorbs heats, I was covered (albeit till above knees) in a full black cloth. I was literally calling for my own death sentence.

And just last Saturday I redialed The Grim Reaper. Despite the repressive heat that would always still inhabit despite technically it being Fall, I'd still celebrate fall weather by teetering in a similar coordination. Blazer, t-shirt and shorts. However, this time round I reminded myself: If I'd want to inaugurate the imaginary fall weather and not compromise to the heat, I'd have to make a change in my choices. I discarded my oxbloods, pine greens, navies, mahogany browns and blacks. I welcomed back what has been - and always will be - deemed as 'Spring Hues': vermillion, sunshine yellow, cerulean blue and lime green.

Despite that fact that my above outfit did not contain any vermillion, but hey, we'd still need to have that little fall tone to amplely coalesce with our outfit. I replaced the supposed blood red chino shorts with this oxblood tailored shorts, both happen to coincidentally be from Topman. I continued on with my bright yellow blazer I got from Zara during its spring 2013 and a pair of azure slip ons from similar brand and season. Also, not to forget that cute little furry purse I scored from a random street store in Hong Kong at six dollars.

There I stood, proudly and jubilantly of myself that I'd managed to successfully concoct an outfit which seem to be suitable for pseudo fall, instead of just screaming 'OMG I have nothing to wear!' But I instantly fell into deep levels of regret when I stepped out of my apartment.

Zara blazer, COS used and abused t-shirt, Topman tailored shorts, Zara slip ons and bag from random street store in Hong Kong.

Image credits Imran

Tuesday, 16 September 2014

Sean Seyfried Guides: DIY Your Own (Ratchet) Arm Party

When it comes to DIY, there are three phrases I could derive from such an acronym: Do It Yourself, Damage It Yourself and Don't Involve Yourself. Basically two out of three are attached to the negative attribute, which most of us (actually just and mainly me) would often find ourselves trapped in like it's a quicksand. So what draws these like poles together when in reality, they are meant to repel each other forever? Are we (Am I) perpetually clumsy and have fat fingers (lame excuse) that we could (I can) never actually do a proper beading work despite proclaiming that we are (I am) inherently creative - and thus stereotypically known to be both artful and craft-ful? Or is it because that a particular DIY (do it yourself) would evolve into an unexpected twist of DIY (damage it yourself) and eventually finding yourself (myself) heading towards a particular DIY (don't involve yourself) denouement, that constant repetition make it seem like the vicious cycle could never be broken?

Is is truly possible that like poles are only meant repel?

The next day I got myself associated with such a particular DIY. I realized that the lovely Anyagrams arm parties by Anya Hindmarch were never meant to be my possession that I could pass down to my unknown (and probably never known) future generations and eventually finding itself repeating the awesome arm party hereditary symbolism. It was really tricky, like I was dealing with an ex. I then found myself stuck in the same cycle of conscious repetition of similar relationship - DIY upon DIY upon DIY. Do It Yourself then Damage It Yourself and then Don't Involve Yourself. Was DIY actually something really addictive like cocaine and shoes that I constantly find myself involve in such an activity? Am I simply reliving the DIY dating damage cycle?

I still put my 'creative talents' to the test. I once dated DIY cycle, which snapped my bracelet which left me a minor gush on my finger. It is what I call 'painful creativity', but I didn't give in. I continued to strive on and 'invented' more chain and lace parties.

They never really made it. I was caught in a renditioned pool of bloody fingers and a sea of damaged threads and pony beads.

When I got myself involved in the above arm party DIY, I realized that I was trapped in the diabolical dating occult. But without further ado and other corny 'love hurts' story that would eventually result in the subconscious rambling, let's get down (again) with this love-hate relationship!

Step 1: Gather your necessary accoutrements.

Step 2: Start by estimating how much arm gathering you want on your wrist and the slogan you want your arm party to contain. In my case it was 'Ratchet' to describe our DIY relationship.

Step 3: String up some beads (I'm using some teeny glass beads) and the slogan, and then more beads.

Step 4: Tie all the loose ends together.

Step 5: Tadah! You managed to break the repulsive cycle of DIY. Now werk them.

Step 5 alternative: If you didn't get to this part, don't worry. I have a list of other arm parties for you. What's DIY if you can get someone else to DIFY: Do It For You.

From left, going clockwise: I'm a UnicornBombshellLucky DuckyFoxy LadySex Kitten and Hot Chick. All from Venessa Arizaga via Shopbop.

Image credits Imran

Saturday, 13 September 2014

Doing the Wang Way

What time is it now? 10? Great, I shouldn't have lied to myself that I've got some allocated time marked for further rest. Dammit, I have to get out of the house at 10.30 for that brunch appointment I've made with my bestie, Imran. How long would I take to get myself cleaned? Fifteen minutes? I'll try to reduce it to ten.

Damn, I took twenty instead. Ugh, I'm always bad at gauging the complex notion known as time. I'm only down with five. And the other five would give me ample time to hail a cab and reach my destination. Okay okay, that isn't the point. What should I wear now? Omg, this lovely embroidered H&M jacket from Spring 2014 is really amazing with just that used and abused white t-shirt and a denim cut-offs. No wait, this look is too cliché. I have been doing this whole basic chic look a little too often! Ideas, ideas. Quick Sean, you're down with a whooping four minutes now.

Oh yeah, what about utilising the splattered paint trousers I got from the last Zara sale? I could wear it with the matching jacket, and then loosely tuck in that white COS t-shirt I'd just intended to use. Okay let me get the trousers up my butt first. Have I been binge eating too much? Oh god, I think I need to start doing some exercise. Let me grab my arm parties from my chockablock bracelet drawer. Am I going to be a laughing stock if someone actually knew I had six drawers solely meant for arm parties? I hope not...

What is with the weather? No I don't think I could survive this weather with this outfit. No no no, I need to get them off me. Hey, how about that black lightweight wool blazer I got from the recent H&M Studio collection? That would look great with a cute grey t-shirt neatly tucked into a pair of high-waisted paisley embroidered trousers I got two years ago from Zara. What? This trousers can't fit me anymore? Ugh, I'm down with two minutes! I literally need SOS and Aunt (Fashun) Agony. And some cocktail.

Oh hey, let me do the Wang way. Am I a season too late? Who cares. I don't even have the time to button up my shirt! Sweet, now I have to get out of my house, and get a cab. No wait, arm parties? Okay, no time for that! Sliders would do the trick for now.

Image credits Imran

Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Clutching It

A month ago I was proudly hoisting a big bag around. It was in a bright vermillion hue, and gifted from Big. It was a good ordeal; I was finally able to carry everything existential and essential in my life without having the fact that it might fall out of my teeny weeny purse. Plus, it could fit my MacBook, which is a major bonus because none of my bags (and when I say none, I mean out of the array of bags I possess, literally NONE could withstand the weight and size of my MacBook) had the capability to do so. It was sturdy and safe. I immediately felt potently powerful, like I've got hold of the entire world with just my right palm and I could manipulate everyone because I actually, for the first time, got my life in order. In retrospect, I got my life beside me. It all resided in my trusty, red, sturdy and safe bag. Perhaps that was what made me felt safe. Everything was in that immaculate order I've always wanted. Cold? I'd just grab my blazer (in cameo as a jacket) out from my crimson satchel. Chappy lips? I'd gladly (and proudly) pull out that Burt's Bees that never actually made it in my other purses because it didn't cross the benchmark of 'compulsory' as compared to additional arm accoutrements. That red bag was like a quintessential modern day Doraemon pouch.

Everything was smooth sailing. The sky was clear and the sea was calm. We were like a perfect holiday on a perfect yacht in the most perfect plausible weather. All seemed spectacular on the horizon, but little did I know the significance of pre-reading the weather forecast until a storm strikes.

The handle broke.

In the sea of purses I officially possess, why must it have to be the one gifted by Big? Why must the most stalwart be the one to sink first? I couldn't help but wonder: Was I a victim of perennial misfortune doomed to reiterate the funerals of my bags? Or was I simply just destined to live by mini vessel-like clutches?

As I slowly comprehended that fate doesn't reside in me with bigger bags, I slowly searched for the opposite. I managed to actually scout for six particular clutches, which I'd still be stuck in bewilderment to actually make up my fickle mind.

Here I chance upon this Givenchy butterfly screened clutch which really reminded me of the paisley one I didn't achieve two seasons ago, and am still perpetually and extremely upset with my disrepectable behaviour. How could I actually miss out on that? Also, this MCM mazarine blue zip pouch looks like a reputable clutch that could withstand any nonsensical objects I'd decide to dump in when I teeter it out for lunch. But how could I neglect this awesome Loeffler Randall magenta pony fur clutch, which not only can be doubled up as a sling purse, I can also stroke it with joy and pretend that it's my mini Shih Tzu (which I do not physically possess, just mentally). Oh yeah, this Anya Hindmarch glitter foldover purse kinda has the equivalent sparkling potential capability as Edward Cullen. Talk about outshining each other during a competition. Okay hold up, this Alexander Wang prisma heat tech clutch looks really like a typical Alex zip clutch with the conventional metal detailing at the side. But what if you'd realise that they brought the 'heat tech' to the next temperature? But if there are days I'd like something cooler and more toned down, I was thinking of going with this classy Tory Burch black slim clutch with embossed logo.

Omg so many decisions. Could any of you guys help me to decide which is the crème de la crème?

M Missoni raffia clutch c/o Shopbop, Marni x H&M flower necklace, H&M shirt, Uniqlo shorts

Image credits Imran

Sunday, 7 September 2014

The Inverted Basic Chic

Do you remember there was this time where everyone, correction; almost everyone, perfected the already immaculately perfected white t-shirt and denim jeans combo? Well, perhaps some of us (includes me) are still overly busy with perfecting its perfectness. We have become so sartorially enthused towards the secret to looking feign apathetic yet effortlessly chic using the above aforementioned combination, which it could surprisingly provide us (and society) with the necessary satisfaction and also conceal our perpetual - sometimes fake - lackadaisicalness. Who would have thought that putting both basic clothing necessities would create such a flawless finish? Fashion stylist from circa insert-year-here? Or is it simplicity style chasers who happen to also be fashion bloggers bravely and proudly put their 'omg I'm so lazy this is what I wore' look out there? If trends were to do what they're best at: come and go, why do people still love to oscillate between white t-shirt x denim jeans and another white t-shirt x another brand denim jeans?

I'm not saying this because I disagree towards the proposed counterfeit laziness chic look. In fact, I actually do adhere towards such mantra. The white t-shirt and denim jeans are two ingeniously created products that are forever bound to be au courant. I couldn't help but wonder: Is it good, or is it a bad thing? Are we going to see 'basic chic' aka the aforementioned top + bottom combination being our every day wear in circa twenty years time?

That would really be scary. Think about all the current movies right now: The Hunger Games and Divergent. They are all clad in somewhat homogenous outfits. That's like a whole new level of authoritarian regime that and ramifies into the fashion department.

I digressed. I would safely assure that such a look is a heritage that would continue and be passed on to our subsequent generations, maybe even to our future selves too. As aforementioned, they will be always au courant. It's not something you'll look at differently if your (fashion) nemesis happens to wear that same amalgamation too because, everyone else is doing so too. It's too classic, like the song Moon River (lol jk, I mention this because I love that corny song), it's different from the oxblood pullover or that denim dungarees or that utilitarian parka. They had their period of time, but now we prescribe them as what they - and by saying they I meant all trend - sadly happen to fall under: 'The Golden Years'. Yes, there was a trend for this look too. It is still known to be 'trendy' to be in this look. Perhaps the 'basic chic' trend might never fall into its supposed propriety.

Since there are the igniters, which then preceded on by the followers who mimic them, is it time whereby the starters start a new lackadaisical look? Yes, their legacy will still prevail, but shouldn't we source for better alternatives to make a possible plausible change to the 'Omg I am so going to wear my basic chic because I want to pretend to be lazy at the same time, chic' look?

This is where I had an indolent thought: Could the inversion of the basic chic outfit be the next basic chic outfit?

Which is what I really did just last Sunday. I replaced my white t-shirt for a denim chambray, and a denim jeans for a white (despite printed) pair. Could I have made the plausible new basic chic look? Or do you guys actually need some help (again) in getting those outfits so that you guys will malleate your thinking and agree with me? Alright, you got me.

Top Duo: 3.1 Phillip Lim chambray oversized t-shirt with Topshop ripped mom jeans.

Bottom Duo: Theory Men's mugen shirt and Current/Elliott cropped bootcut jeans.

Do I get your votes now?

Marni x H&M necklace, Topshop denim chambray shirt, Isabel Marant x H&M jeans, Zara sandals

Image credits Gladys